2018-2019 Board

Isabel Yin

Year: 4th
Major: Business Economics | Minor: French

"Hey everyone! As the head of the club, I am so excited for what TASA has in store for the UCLA public for the upcoming year and even more thrilled to see our presence and community continue to grow. For those of you who don't know me, I have been in this club since my freshmen year - I've gone through the highs and lows the club went through but I would do it all over again in a heart beat. Growing up in New Jersey, Taipei, and Shanghai, I was very much exposed to the international atmosphere the world could offer and often didn't feel like I belonged anywhere. When I came to college, I had this vision of joining a big Taiwanese American club on campus and wanted get to know a lot of people. Surprisingly to my disappointment, the taiwanese clubs at UCLA were close to dying when I first came. Long story short I got into this position naturally and with the dedication of my board members we were able to thrive as a club this past year. My primary goal is to provide a community in which the new students would feel connected and could make new memories with. My favorite TASA memories range from secret santa, movie nights, food workshops, the tailgate with USC, family competitions, retreats, and hanging out with my TASA fam through the year! I love to study french/japanese, draw, knit, cook, bake, do yoga, play my viola, listen to BTS and classical music (basically a grandma, literally everyone calls me granny yin and I adopt so many kids throughout the year). I also adore anything that's soft and fluffy. But all things aside, come check us out at the Enormous Activities Fair and at our General Meeting. Hope to see you join the family!!!"

External Vice President
Tracy Chu

Year: 3rd
Major: Economics | Minor: Film

"Hi everyone! My name is Tracy, I'm a 3rd year at UCLA, and I am your EVP for this year. I joined TASA to get more in touch with my Taiwanese heritage, and I've met so many cool people who share a similar background to mine in the short time that I've been a member. I'm very excited to give back to the org and get even more involved this year through my board position! Some of my hobbies include traveling, watching movies, going to the gym, hiking, and exploring new places. My favorite places to visit are busy, vibrant cities like New York, Taipei, and London. A fun fact about me: I'm an Econ major, but my passion is film. I love directing, filming, producing, acting, basically every aspect of it, and could talk about it all day to anyone who wants to listen!"

Internal Vice President
Grace Pu

Year: 3rd
Major: Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution

"Hello! My name is Grace and I’m your IVP for this year. I joined TASA towards the end of freshman year hoping to find a place I can call my home away from home. Since then, TASA has not only introduced me to many wonderful people, but the community it provides has allowed me to find my place on campus. If you’re looking to reconnect with your Taiwanese heritage or find a family at UCLA, be sure to check us out at EAF! 

Some facts about me! I moved from Taiwan to California in fifth grade, and I identify both places as home. I spend a lot of my free time looking at dogs on the dogspotting groups on Facebook, and I’m working on collecting as many dog spots as I can. My favorite foods are tteokbokki (even though I cannot handle spicy foods and hot cheetos are too much for me, tteokbokki is a good kind of burn !!) and all things garlic! Some of my favorite things to do include hiking, spending time with family/friends, traveling, and planning for my retirement to Montana when I’m 70."

Ingrid Chen

 Year: 4th
Major: Environmental Science

"Hi everyone! My name is Ingrid Chen, and I will be the secretary of TASA for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. I'm a fourth-year Environmental Science major, and I love nature and hiking! I love to talk and learn about anything environment/sustainability related! One fun fact about me: I have a twin sister :)"

Director of Finance
Kai Lo

Year: 4th
Major: Economics | Minor: Accounting

"Hi, my name is Kai and I am heading back to UCLA as a fourth year! I love to play basketball and volleyball on my free time or even just chill at home and play video games. I usually make a fool out of myself in some way or another so feel free to make fun of me and we can bond through bantering each other!"

Finance Chair
Allan Chang

Year: 2nd
Major: Business Economics

"As an international student, I can call many places home, but Taiwan is still home home. The past year is my first year in college and in the U.S. At first, everything was so overwhelming as I try to adapt to the new environment, but TASA made my transition much smoother. I met cool people and found a lot of friends. And now TASA has become a home away from home."

Finance Chair
Samuel Yang

Year: 2nd
Major: Mathematics of Computation

"[Jump to the end for a tl;dr if you're lazy like me, I gotchu guys]

Hello guys! I'm Samuel. My life story huh... well I was born in Taipei, Taiwan, so I guess that makes me a TRUE Taiwanese haha. I lived there for 6 years before moving to SoCal (in a city called Diamond Bar if anyone knows where that is ha). After finishing 7th grade, my family moved to Paris and I lived there for 5 years. Yep, Paris, France. I always get the same questions/comments so here are the answers:

1. "Wooow, does that mean you speak/know French?": Yeup, it's not fluent but it's at least conversational.
2. "Can you teach me something in French?": Quelque chose.
3. "Why'd you move to France?": My parents' work (ish), my parents wanted me to have better education/cultural understanding, etc.
4. "Did you like Paris? What did you like about it?": Paris is nice, although sometimes gloomy cause of the cloudy weather. I liked the food, the metro, and actually having four seasons compared to SoCal.

I went to an international private highschool in France and completed my IB diploma (aka two years of hell for no college credit eyyy). Now I'm back in SoCal attending the one and only UCLA (obviously...).
I joined TASA to be more involved on campus and to try to put myself out there more. Some fun memories I made were the intern retreat, night market, laser tag, culture night, etc
I'm also supposed to put some of my favorites and hobbies, but this is already super long and I'm lazy so... I'll be ending it here. (You can thank Jennifer for making us write this for you guysss.)

TD;DR: I'm Samuel, most recently from Paris. I joined TASA cause I'm Taiwanese and it was/is/will continue to be great! :) "

Event Coordinator
Kevin Chen

Year: 2nd
Major: Applied Mathematics

"Welcome every bruin to be back on campus and new bruins starting their brand new college lives 🎉 I'm Kevin, the event coordinator of TASA this year. Joining TASA has been a remarkable experience as the people are always so friendly and willing to talk to you.😃 At TASA, we spread and share the beauty of Taiwanese culture and bond with our Taiwanese background. This is a place where you can recharge, relax, and have fun !! College is full of excitement, freedom, but also challenges and hardships. At TASA, you will find more than boba or popcorn chicken as we have a group of welcoming ppl who got your back💪🤙 So come join this big fam :) "

Event Chair
Ashley Chuang

Year: 3rd
Major: International Development Studies | Minor: Digital Humanities

"Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be on board for TASA this year as Events Chair. I was born and raised in SoCal, but I've gone back to Taiwan almost every year since I was around 4 years old. I never realized how much of an impact my Taiwanese culture and background had on me until my first year of college, when I realized something was missing. That realization spurred me to join TASA during my second year, and I've been involved ever since! I've been so grateful to all the friends I've made and experiences I've had through this organization that have not only taught me about my culture, but also taught me a lot about myself and my identity. I'm looking forward to a year where I can share these experiences with our newest members and hopefully create some more with new and old friends! :) "

Event Chair
Natalie Liu

Year: 2nd
Major: MCDB

"For me, joining TASA gave me many opportunities to do two of my favorite things: drink boba and make friends! Although I joined in the middle of the year everyone was incredibly welcoming and in such a large campus it was nice to have a place to bond with fellow Taiwanese students as well as share our culture with others. There’s a lot of a great events planned this year, so come out and join us!"

Director of Academics and Mentorship
Kristi Lan

Year: 2nd
Major: Biochemistry

"Hi, I’m Kristi~ I was born in California but I grew up in Taipei. I’m a second year biochem major (but still not sure what I’m gonna do in my life yet😂). My hobbies are dancing, singing karaoke, traveling, watching movies and k-dramas, and finding good places to eat🤤 My favorite foods are boba, avocado 🥑, and anything with cheese🧀, and my favorite dining halls are Feast and Bplate~ 
Joining TASA, I got to know more people, build more connections, and make a lot of awesome friends (I know it’s cliche but it IS true!) To me, it’s definitely worth it. Being a board member this year, I hope everyone can enjoy our events and find a sense of belonging in TASA :) "

Family Coordinator
Jaime Wu

Year: 4th
Major: Cognitive Science

Hi there! I tried to pick the picture that makes me seem the friendliest but if you zoom in you can see how dead I am inside. Now that I've made things terrible and awkward, let's get to it!

I'm Jaime. Ya girl is Family Coordinator for the 2018-2019 year. I'm a senior Cognitive Science major who still plays Pokemon Go (those legendaries amirite), occasionally gets lost on campus, and relies on other people to ask me when my enrollment times are, so just treat me as you would an incoming freshman because I'm clueless about any given thing approximately 97% of the time. If my mom could see me at school she'd probably describe it as me just traipsing around campus being dumb - as opposed to traipsing around my house being dumb - but I personally prefer the phrase "possessing a strong sense of childlike wonder" (explains the Pokemon Go and getting lost, too).

My hobbies include complaining of joint pain, eating like there's no tomorrow, screaming while driving, faking a British accent, antagonizing my siblings, looking at pictures of sushi, avoiding exercise, deflecting savagery from my mom, being oblivious, handling caffeine really badly, skipping class, using ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) when it is not appropriate, wishing I had a pet, coming up with witty comebacks 3 business days after the occasion has passed, thinking about different types of cheese, complaining that I'm broke, imagining scenarios that will literally never happen, embarrassing my family, listening to the same two songs on repeat, giving side-eye, petting dogs, liking the Oxford comma, and fighting people who think milk chocolate is better than dark chocolate. 

If you would also like to fight people who think milk chocolate is better than dark chocolate, come join TASA and place the entirety of your social experience under the control of the fickle - and ultimately, random - system I have hastily thrown together! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Me, texting Publicity: "did it work? do i seem cool??"


In all seriousness, I have some big plans for TASA this upcoming year (don't worry, I was joking about that last part!). A major overhaul of the family system structure that yours truly has been working on over the summer features things like:

- smaller family size
- joint events
- family-hosted events
- a large variety of events including cooking competitions, escape rooms, kickbacks, outdoor activities, and a whole lot of What Do You Meme (you can only go get boba so many times!)
- me periodically creeping on every single family to make sure they’re keeping you guys entertained ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- points-based competition à la Hogwarts - with prizes 
- and much more, so look forward to it! 

So yes, you should do the thing and come check us out! See you in the fall!

P.S. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Director of Creativity
Alice Chang

Year: 2nd 
Major: Undeclared

"I joined TASA as a freshman entering UCLA last year, and after being put in a family, I met and bonded with a lot of friendly, smart peers that share similar backgrounds with me, as well as attending a lot of events, which made my first few weeks at college very exciting. My favorite TASA events include hiking, night market and karaoke nights, and laser tag. This year at TASA there are so many more things to come and I am excited that both new and current TASA members will feel the same as I did when I joined, find a group of people we belong to aside from home and have lots of fun."

Director of Publicity
Jennifer Chen

Year: 3rd
Major: Physiological Science | Minor: *possibly* Food Studies

"Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer, but I also go by Jen, Jenny, Jennybur, the-girl-with-an-obsession-with-BPlate-frozen-blueberries. I was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada at the age of ten for eight years before coming to UCLA! (Yes~ I'm your stereotypical friendly Canadian EH?) 
When I’m not drowning in school work, I enjoy playing the piano/violin, listening to music, napping, hanging out with friends, eating food, thinking about food, watching food videos on Youtube (kinda a foodie in case you can’t tell~). Speaking of food, some of my favorite foods are ramen, cheesecake, avocado toast, dim sum and pretty much everything you can find at a night market (yasss bring on all dem calorie-dense dishes) I also love to swim and hang by the pool... even though I’m in the perpetual state of winter bod due to the aforementioned list of foods. Last but not least, I’m also a fan of looking at memes about not studying when I really should be studying :’) All in all, I’m super excited for everything TASA has in store for this school year, and I'm definitely looking forward to meeting more people and making more awesome memories!"